Finger Spikey DUO - Standard & Tighter


The Kaiko Finger Spikey Set is a combo of our two sizes in the finger spikey range. It is the best way to explore preferance and function. Both provide firm and textured sensory feedback when rolled up and down the finger.

Ideally suited to those that like strong sensory input. They are made of a powder coated metal that is 'woven' to be stretchy and flexible with firm input to the fingers.

Available in 2 colours Black and Teal.

"ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! These have helped me with short term harm minimisation. The intensity (especially the smallest one) on the finger when squeezed is insanely great. I love the feel of rolling them up and down my thumb. They are great for anxiety. Rachel Sept. 2023"

The Kaiko Wrist & Finger Spikey Fidgets are one of our most popular fidgets for those who need deep and focused pressure to assist with self regulation. They are an ideal fidget for those who pick at their skin, fingernails and clothing.

It's important to watch the video here on ways to use so you/they understand how to achieve what you/they need in terms of 'ouch' 😊

Link to Video- 

We have had amazing feedback regarding this tool. Especially for those who live with anxiety. We have had particularly good feedback from those who pick or self-harm. For many they provide 'ouch' without damaging the skin. Of course, the spikey fidget does not replace accessing professional help. It is a useful tool for the kit-bag.

The Kaiko Spikey helps with self regulation, calming, focus, concentration, tactile awareness and as a substitution for unhealthy/unhelpful behaviours.

We have also had a number of customers report it being helpful in reducing pain, swelling & disturbed sensation in fingers. The finger spikeys are touted to have remedial benefit, stimulating acupressure points & assisting with circulation. 

Please consult your treating clinician regarding their use for your specific condition.

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