Meet the family duo behind Peace Warrior....

Peace Warrior was founded by myself Dianne and my autistic son Zane, and we operate out of our family home in Maitland in NSW, Australia.

Being autistic, Zane struggled to find paid employment since leaving school. Zane has a true passion for art, so we came up with the idea to print our unique designs onto t-shirts and facemasks to help everyone during Covid.

More about our favorite designer!

The name Peace Warrior represents Zane, a gentle giant who has a calming effect on people and animals he meets. Zane is really passionate about advocating for people with disabilities. He believes inclusion is the way for society to move forward.

Our Mission

We are about our planet and environment and for this reason we are trying to walk lightly by using renewable energy, compostable mailers and labels, eco-friendly inks in our printing and we only buy from ethical and responsible suppliers. We have teamed up with Sea Shelter, a Marine Conservation Charity. When you purchase from Peace Warrior, 10% of sales from our “Spirit Animal” tshirt goes directly to Sea Shelter.

We employ a local machinist to sew our clothing labels, and our tshirts are sourced from an ethical and responsible business in Bangladesh, that has been awarded a WRAP Certification for their business standards.

We love it!

Myself and Zane love working together and Peace Warrior is aiding him in gaining more independence through earning a living, just like we all want. He wants to prove that people who are autistic can be high functioning contributors to our society. We are excited to have you here, following our journey and hope you like our designs, and wear our vibe!