5 piece Hand Grip Set/Losing Your Sh#t Kit- Exerciser & Fidgeting Sensory Kit


Hand Grip 5 piece Exerciser & Fidgeting Sensory Tool Kit.

We affectionately refer to this kit as the "losing your sh#t kit".

This set really comes into its own for tween and teens (& beyond) who are flipping their lids.

Great to keep on desk at home or school for them to channel their hormones and emotions into a rather than throwing the desk or other items. IF you know what I am talking about as you read this then this kit is for you I promise.

Way more functional and flexible than the Monkey Noodle & less dangerous too!

Also great for hand function, hand strengthening & hand exercises. Used effectively in dementia care also, especially for men, but not exclusively.

We love it for the fidgeting & emotional regulation power these treasures hold!

 Not suitable for under 5 years of age.


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