Kaiko Infinity Black Hand Roller 305gms

$20 $40

305 gms hand roller is one of the heavier versions in our range of hand rollers. It functions as both a weighted product and fidget. It is our most recommended weight for teens and adults clinically (unless there is hand function issues for example).

These are beautifully weighted and smooth. It comes in a zip-up black case for great storage. Amazing for those that need to constantly keep hands busy & to assist with agitation and anxiety.

Rotate in your hand, roll between your palms or roll to massage are three great ways you can use them. To gain an idea of how they feel to use - if you have some fat textas on hand place two in the same hand, side by side, and rotate around themselves.

Some like to put the metallic ones in the fridge between uses.

The 305 gm is super weighted and both a great stim product but also fabulous as a weighted product. The most common comment we hear when people try it is "ahhhh" & "this is so satisfying"

Wonderful for anxiety.

Also helpful for hand function & we have had great outcomes using with individuals with dementia, Parkinson's, MS and other hand function difficulties.


Kaiko Fidget sensory tools can assist with...

  • Supporting mental health
  • Emotional regulation & sensory input
  • Focus & concentration - great study or work tool
  • Tactile awareness & desensitisation
  • Hand function – improving fine motor, strength & circulation
  • Managing stress
  • Active listening - can increase focus & attention
  • Reducing unhelpful habits - such as nail-biting, tapping, hair twirling, pen clicking & leg bouncing, etc.
  • Sensory seeking substitution - finding a more socially acceptable outlet for sensory preferences
  • Not suitable for children under three years old.

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