Charlie The Weighted Puppy Dog Toy


Introducing Charlie The Weighted Puppy Dog - The Ultimate Sensory Toy for Kids!

Designed in Australia, Charlie is perfect for all children, including our sensory and anxious friends.

Backed by evidence-based research, Charlie helps reduce anxiety and improve sleep quality.

Features: *Promotes calmness and encourages focus.

*Boosts mood and fights back against stress

*Supports autism symptoms and soothes feelings of panic, enhancing sleep

*Utilises cold therapy for mental clarity and reduced inflammation

*Offers heat therapy for healing and calming painful muscles

Sustainable packaging and materials for an eco-friendly approach. Give your little ones the gift of Charlie The Weighted Puppy Dog - the perfect sensory toy to nurture their well-being and bring endless joy. Let Charlie be their loving and comforting friend throughout their childhood adventures.

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