Spirit Animals

Spirit Animals - Peace Warrior
Spirit Animals - Peace Warrior
Spirit Animals - Peace Warrior
Spirit Animals - Peace Warrior

Spirit Animals


Features 8 Spirit Animals, a Cat, a Bear, 2 Whales, a Butterfly, a Rabbit, an Owl, and an Eagle.

Wear this Tee when you want to feel these vibes!

Cat represents intelligence, independence and agility.

Bear represents strength, tenacity and protection.

Whale represents Peaceful strength, physical and emotional healing and communication.

Butterfly represents renewal, rebirth and playfulness.

Rabbit represents creativity, abundance and fertility.

Owl represents wisdom, independent thinking and intuition.

Eagle represents inspiration, courage and leadership.

Available in Black or White Colour.
Available in Ladies fitted, Ladies Basic Tee or Men's Basic Tee
Ladies fitted style is a very flattering cut, has capped sleeves, and is longer at the back to cover your hips and bum.

The tees are designed and printed in Maitland, Australia onto quality cotton. Made
in Bangladesh, our products are sourced from an Ethical and Responsible business
that has been awarded a WRAP Certification for its business standards. This
means they obey the laws of their country, treat their workers with dignity and
respect, pay them a good wage, and are conscious of the impact their operation
has on the environment. The WRAP certification is a recognized symbol of a
commitment to uphold social and ethical standards.

The Story

Funded by Dianne and Zane, mother and son, Peace Warrior is a small Australian
business based in Maitland.
Zane is autistic and has a true passion for art. He creates all the designs you see
on our products.
Being autistic, Zane struggled to find paid employment since leaving school. He is
really passionate about advocating for people with disabilities. He believes inclusion
is the way for society to move forward. Peace Warrior is proof that people who are
autistic can be high-functioning contributors to our society.
Dianne and Zane love working together and this is aiding him in gaining more
independence through earning a living. This is something all parents of kids with
disabilities really want and dream of.

The Mission

We are about our planet and environment and for this reason, we are trying to walk
lightly by using renewable energy, compostable mailers and labels, eco-friendly inks
in our printing and we only buy from ethical and responsible suppliers.
We have teamed up with Sea Shelter, a Marine Conservation Charity. When you buy from Peace Warrior, 10% of sales from our “Spirit Animal” collection goes directly to Sea Shelter.

Spirit Animals


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